Elements of a good dental lab technician

The career of a Dental Lab Technician is an exciting mix of art and technology; all wrapped up in the field of medicine. The skills necessary to a goo... Continue Reading..

Getting certified as a dental hygienist

Dental hygienists are in high demand with the job outlook expected to be at 19% between now and 2024. Typically an associates degree is necessary f... Continue Reading..

Getting your dental x-ray license

As a Dental Assistant, part of your job may include taking x-rays of your patients mouths. If you are interested in the x-ray portion of Dental Ass... Continue Reading..

So you want to be an Orthodontic Assistant!

Working with people is a priority. You love the idea of making their smile bigger and brighter. And, you think the perfect place for you is in an orth... Continue Reading..

How much do dental assistants make?

Typically a dental assistant will work out of a dental office. A dental assistants job is to assist both the dentist and the dental hygienist by pe... Continue Reading..

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