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Founded in Norfolk, Virginia in 1966, ECPI University demonstrated early on its commitment to forward-thinking, market-based curriculum in an accelerated format and being among the first to offer classes in the growing field of computer programming. The name – ECPI – stands for East Coast Polytechnic Institute, signifying its origin and ongoing commitment to technological advancement in all fields of study.

For nearly half a century, ECPI University was established as a career oriented student centered institution and pursued a path of addressing the needs of students and employers in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

During this time, ECPI University has established a reputation for integrating high-quality instruction with hands on application-based learning. The result: graduates who are job ready for entry level positions in STEM – H careers.

Classes continue to be small, and are led by faculty members that possess both professional experience and academic credentials. Successful student outcomes, including student graduation rates and program-related employment, have always been and continue to be of primary importance.


Dental Assisting - Associate's

Dental assistants must have a strong foundation in the fundamental areas of dental assisting including: radiographic, clinical and administrative procedures. Depending on the office, state regulations and preferences of the dentist, assistants play a larger clinical or administrative role.

On any given day, dental assistants can be found in the lab, office area, or treatment area. Assistants are trusted with patient information and medical records, taking and developing dental radiographs (x-rays), taking impressions of patients' teeth and teaching patients appropriate oral hygiene strategies to maintain oral health. In addition the dental assistant performs office management tasks that often require the use of a personal computer.

Strong communication skills and professionalism ensure the dental assistant with a rewarding job in a growing health care career.

Dental Assistant Outcomes:

  • Acquire knowledge and skills necessary to provide a safe environment for patients and dental staff.
  • Illustrate competency in the parts and sciences pertinent to dental assisting.
  • Attain skills in chairside, clinical, practice management, radiographic and laboratory procedures.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the American Dental Assisting Association's Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional conduct and its importance to the profession of dental assisting.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully complete the Dental Assisting National Examination.
  • Participate in dental community events and learning opportunities.


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