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Dental Lab Technician

A skilled lab technician must be proficient in two different types of dentistry: restorative dentistry, and orthodontics.

Patients who have restorative needs have lost teeth due an accident or an illness. Teeth must be replaced to restore normal function. Orthodontic treatment is provided to patients who are dissatisfied with their smile, often times teeth must be moved or stabilized to optimize function or prevent painful dysfunction.

The dental lab technician’s role in the dental field is considered an art. Each restoration is unique to the patient and must simulate the function of the patient’s natural teeth. It is the role of the dental lab tech to recreate the perfection and imperfection of a patient's mouth and their teeth, for a natural and complete smile.

Technology in the world of dentistry is always evolving and changing, and dental lab technicians are required to keep up. Various types of high-tech materials are used including metal alloys, ceramics, and plastics. You must have the skills to work with these types of materials to create what the patient needs. 

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