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Dental Assisting at American Institute

The Dental Assisting Program offers students extensive training which will allow them to develop the skills needed to perform a variety of dental office procedures and laboratory techniques as well as the knowledge associated with medical and dental terminology, anatomy & physiology, with an emphasis placed on head and neck anatomy, dental law and ethics, and patient rights.

Dental assistants typically do the following:

-Work with patients to make them comfortable in the dental chair and to prepare them for treatments and procedures
-Sterilize dental instruments
-Prepare the work area for patient treatment by setting out instruments and materials
-Help dentists by handing them instruments during procedures
-Keep patients’ mouths dry by using suction hoses or other equipment
-Instruct patients in proper dental hygiene
-Process x rays and do lab tasks under the direction of a dentist
-Keep records of dental treatments
-Schedule patient appointments
-Work with patients on billing and payment

Source: Career School Now - American Institute

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