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Qualities Of A Good Dental Lab Technician

Dental lab technicians have neat careers that mix art and technology — all bundled up under the field of dentistry. To be good in this line of work, you’ll need certain skills, both innate and learned. If you possess some of the following traits, a career as a dental lab technician could be rewarding for you!

You're creative

As a dental lab technician, you’ll support dentists by creating crowns and bridges. Because all teeth are not created equal, each job will be unique. Being a dental lab technician is oftentimes similar to being a sculptor. This makes for a job that never gets boring and will always require some creativity.

You're detail-oriented

Teeth are like fingerprints, and it’s up to you to create every piece with its own personality. Teeth have ridges and grooves, yet they must fit comfortably next to each other. You’ll work your magic to make the owner's bite perfect and his smile his own.

You're coordinated

Because the work of a dental lab technician is so intricate, you need a significant amount of hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity. You consistently will be using tons of tools, special materials, and computer programs, so you should be magnificent with your hands.

You're curious

Dental lab technicians need to be on trend with the ever-changing landscape of dentistry. New developments, methods, and technology keep the field evolving. If you want to be an excellent dental lab technician, you need to hone in on your investigative skills and research the field to stay on top of the latest and greatest.

You're perceptive

Teeth aren’t just white. They come in varying shades, and you'll need to discern even the tiniest differences. You will match the fabricated teeth as closely as possible to the original.

A Growing Field

The average annual pay in 2023 for dental lab technicians was $52,390 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Remember, with more experience, typically comes a higher compensation: the top 10 percentage of dental lab technicians earned $77,460.

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