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How Much Does Dental Assistant Training Cost?

Dental assisting programs cost on average $15,000. There are quite a few factors that go into the cost of dental assistant schools. They include private school versus public, diploma versus certificate or associate degree, and in-state school versus out-of-state.

Differences Between Dental Assistant Programs

Dental assisting certification and diploma programs, because they take about half as long as an associate degree program, can cost significantly less. Diploma programs can take as few as 10 months, while associate degrees take around 2 years to complete. Enrolling in a public school within your home state can also reduce the cost, as well. Out-of-state tuition is typically higher than state resident tuition.

Cost Of Training At Example Schools

Each of these dental assisting programs may cover different materials and take different lengths of time to complete. Dental assistant training, in general, can cost anywhere from $14,000-$20,000. Click on the links below to learn more about each of our partner school's programs. 

Carrington College - dental assisting program

Miller-Motte College - Dental Assisting Associate of Applied Science

All-State Career School - dental assisting with expanded functions certificate

Central Penn College - dental assistant certificate program

Florida Career College - dental assisting program

South College - dental assisting diploma program

Institute of Medical and Business Careers - diploma in dental assisting program 

Keep in mind that other expenses may add to the cost of your training, too. And at schools with more than one location, the price of tuition and fees may vary at their different campuses.

Be sure to contact your local dental assisting school’s admissions department for up-to-date cost information.

Financial Aid To Help With Cost

Financial aid can lower the cost of dental assistant training substantially. You should contact the financial aid department of the school you plan on attending, they will help you find all the available scholarships, loans, and grants. We wrote an article about it; learn more about financial aid for dental assisting school.


Dental Assisting Schools

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