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Benefits Of Becoming A Dental Assistant

Dental assisting is a rewarding profession, both personally and professionally, that serves an essential purpose in dental offices everywhere. In recent years, dental assisting has become an increasingly popular career choice for men and women everywhere.

If you’re on the fence about dental assisting, we’ve made it easy on you by laying out the many benefits of pursuing it as a career.

Why Dental Assisting Is A Good Career Choice

From fast and affordable training to good pay, career growth and high demand for dental assistants entering the workforce, there are many benefits to consider when considering dental assisting as a career.

Pay & Career Growth

Pay - Dental assistants play a vital role in assisting both dentists and patients, and they are well compensated for their work. In 2023, dental assistants averaged $47,350 (bls.gov).

Career Growth - Dental assistant is certainly a respected profession, but there's also plenty of room for career growth if you're looking advance your career. After gaining experience and potentially a bit more training, dental assistants can grow into roles like dental office business team administrator, dental consultant, or dental hygienist.

High Demand - Between now and 2032, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects employment for dental assistants to increase 7 percent, which is faster employment growth than the national average. This translates to an added 55,100 job openings for dental assistants each year over the next decade.


Length of Training - Dental assistants don't have to go through as much schooling, which can save you time and money. Through one of our fantastic partner schools, you can be career-ready in as few as 10 months!

Cost of Training - While a four-year degree can cost upwards of $100k, dental assistant training is much more practical, with typical programs costing roughly $15,000. Applicable financial aid can lower this amount.

Personal Reasons

Personal Satisfaction - Many patients still fear the dentist’s office. A big part of any great dental assistant’s responsibilities is to provide quality patient care, through both emotional support and gentle dental assistance, to put their minds at ease.

Work/Life Balance - One big plus of being a dental assistant is the structure and stability. The hours are predictable, you’ll have most holidays off, and be able to find that work/life balance that so many yearn for!

Dental Assisting | Worth It For You?

There are many reasons to become a dental assistant. Whether you’re looking for excellent work that doesn’t conflict with a life outside it, growth opportunities, or the opportunity to help others every day, finding dental assistant training is the first step toward a very rewarding career!


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